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Peter Amelunxen

Chris Bailey

Derek Barratt

Glen Corder

Adrian Dance

Mike Daniel

Alex Doll

Toni Kojovic

Greg Lane

Rob McIvor

Stephen Morrell

Brian Putland

Paul Staples

John Starkey

Walter Valery


Mr Peter Amelunxen

Peter Amelunxen is a mineral processing expert with more than 13 years of experience in the field. He is active in the area geometallurgy and the geostatistical handling of point hardness data and participated closely with the SAG Power Index (SPI) test and CEET comminution model development, and various testing and calibration procedures for inferring ball mill and crusher indices from drill core. He also spent almost five years in plant operations with Phelps Dodge Mining Company, including serving as mill superintendent of the Cerro Verde HPGR-based concentrator in southern Peru.

Peter currently operates a consulting business in Santiago, Chile. His areas of focus include geometallurgy, crushing and grinding circuit design & optimization, flotation modeling, and concentrate leaching. He also serves as Director of Metallurgy for the Aminpro Chile, the metallurgical testing arm of the business.

Peter completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering at the University of Arizona and his Master’s Degree in Mineral Processing at McGill University. He’s received several awards and a patent for his contributions to mineral processing.

Luis Carranza 1921
Lima, Lima

Tel: +56 2 3214218


Mr Chris Bailey

Specialist Development Program Manager

Chris has 40 years experience in all aspects of modelling, simulation and control of comminution circuits. He joined the JKMRC in 1970 and has held a number of positions in both technical and administration areas. He was a foundation member of the staff of JKTech with particular interest in comminution circuit optimisation and design.

JKTech Pty Ltd.

40 Isles Road,
QLD 4068

Tel: +61 7 3365 5840

Mobile:+61 407 643 602

Fax: +61 7 3365 5900



Mr Derek Barratt

Tel: 1 (604) 608-6195 (Office)
        1 (604) 985-7617 (Home)
        1 (604) 839-3965 (Mobile/Cell))

Derek J. Barratt is an independent consultant, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with 50 years of experience in base and precious metal concentrator operations and metallurgical process design and operation on projects worldwide. He is a specialist with 35 years’ experience in comminution, particularly SAG milling, SAG mill design and operation, trade-off studies regarding different options for comminution circuit design (HPGR, etc.), as well as start-up, commissioning, and operating experience on facilities around the world.In 1979, Derek pioneered and published the concept of using Bond Work Indices in equations for use in simulation of mill sizing and grinding circuit design for Autogenous and Semi-autogenous application, pre-dating JK DWT, SMC/DWI, SPI/CI, and SAGMILLING.COM. In 2005, he developed Millpower2000 (with programming assistance), which has the capability of assessing test results from multi-sample geometallurgical and different test protocol programs on a “same sample basis” and for all recognized ore types, e.g., hard homogenous and hard to soft heterogeneous. Millpower2000 technology and its database are 100 % – owned by DJB Consultants, Inc. and are marketed as such.Derek has published 42 technical papers concerning comminution, SAG milling in particular, and mineral processing in general. In addition, he has served as lead lecturer for a SAIMM Comminution School in 1991, as Co-editor and Vice-Chair for the SAG1996 and Co-editor and Chair of the SAG 2001 Conferences, and Committee Secretary/Technical Advisor/Editor to the SME Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice, and Control Symposium in 2002. Derek received the 2003 INCO Medal from the CIMM and the 2006 Art MacPherson Award from the Canadian Mineral Processors of CIMM.

Derek is a registered Professional Engineer in B.C., a Chartered Engineer in the U.K., a Life Member of CIMM, a Legion of Honour Member of SME, a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (formerly the IMM), and an Associate of the Royal School of Mines.

Derek graduated in 1963 with a B.Sc. in Mineral Technology from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College of Science and Technology, in the Mining Division of the University of London.

Dr Glen Corder

Development Manager

Glen is Development Manager of SUSOP Pty Ltd and has over 20 years’ experience in the resources industries, including working for JKTech Pty Ltd as a comminution consultant from 1996 until 2004. Prior to taking up his current position in April 2011, Glen was full-time with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM), Sustainable Minerals Institute, at the University of Queensland where his research interests focussed on the area of responsible resource use and processing with the Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing. He was the lead researcher of a multi-year project involving several research institutions and industry partners that resulted in the development of SUSOP®, a holistic, systematic and rigorous set of processes for incorporating sustainable development principles into the design and operation of industrial processing plants. SUSOP® is now being commercialised through SUSOP Pty Ltd.  An important aim of SUSOP® is to identify opportunities for less energy intensive technologies and assess the broader sustainability benefits that they deliver to a minerals project or operation.  From 1991 until 2004, Glen worked as a mineral processing consultant at JKTech Pty Ltd, the technology transfer company of the Sustainable Minerals Institute. His main activities included designing and optimising comminution circuits, designing and implementing advanced process control systems, conducting plant and process control audits, and developing and presenting training courses.

Sustainable Minerals Institute | The University of Queensland | Brisbane, QLD, 4072 AUSTRALIA
M: +61 401 994 948 | P: +61 7 3346 4136 | E:  Web:


Dr Adrian Dance

Principal Consultant (Metallurgy)

Adrian Dance is a Principal Metallurgist with SRK Canada and has a Bachelor of AppliedScience from UBC in Canada and a Doctorate in Mineral Processing from the JuliusKruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre in Australia. With over 20 years in his field, Adrian hasboth industrial and consulting experience, working at operations in Australia, Canada andPeru. For the past five years, Adrian has established himself as an authority on comminution(crushing & grinding) circuit operation and practices a proven methodology in gainingimprovements from “Mine-to-Mill” optimisation projects.

SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.

22nd Floor,
1066 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC,
V6E 3X2, Canada

Tel: +1-604-681-4196

Tel: +1-604-235-8506


Fax: +1-604-687-5532



Dr Mike Daniel

Principal Process consultant at CMD Consulting Pty Ltd.

Mike is a comminution expert with over 15 years in the field of crushers, AG Milling, SAG/Ball milling and HPGR as well as being a specialist in sustainability and energy efficiency. Mike has been involved with project management, project production and flow sheet design and optimisation. His expertise includes test work programs and SAG vs. HPGR trade off studies to evaluate and confirm the decision making process in novel engineering designs. Process circuit designs often include emergy and energy reduction analysis, and high level analysis of ore characterisation test data and procedures. Mike understands ore property data in relation to JK SimMet and power based modeling techniques. In particular his expertise covers SPI data, drop weight index and SMC DWi data, JK DWT Axb data, and conventional Bond data, BBwi, BRwi, Cwi.

Mike completed his Masters (2003) and PhD (2007) degrees at the University of Queensland’s JKMRC. Prior to relocating to Australia in 2000, Mike spent a number of years with AngloAmerican Corporation and six years with DeBeers (DebTech) in project management and mineral resource management roles.

P O Box 714
Kenmore QLD 4069

Tel: +61 (0) 447550044



Mr. Alex Doll

Consultant and Software Developer
Alex completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mining and Mineral Process Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  He worked for eight years with Fluor Daniel on EPCM projects in Canada, the United States, Australia and Chile.  He became an independent consultant in 2000 and spent four years as a process engineer in the Canadian oilsands industry working on the massive Albian Sands and CNRL Horizon projects before spending a year as a project engineer on a copper-gold porphyry project.
Since 2006, Alex has worked as a consultant in comminution circuit design, geometallurgical sampling and power-based circuit modelling.  He started building the SAGMILLING.COM website in 2000 and has been steadily adding capability “behind the scenes” with the goal of offering a Bond work index based software platform for doing SAG/ball mill circuit throughput estimates and mill sizing.
Alex G Doll Consulting Ltd.
 Logan Lake, BC
Tel (Canada):  +1-778-388-2444
Tel (Chile):  +56-9-5996-2941


Dr. Toni Kojovic

Managing Director, SimSAGe Pty Ltd, Australia

Research Consultant, JKMRC, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Toni Kojovic holds a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology. After graduating with a PhD from the JKMRC in 1988 in mathematical model building, Toni joined the mineral processing staff and has become a specialist in comminution technology. Over the past two decades he has worked with numerous operations in crushing, grinding and mine-mill optimization, and is a consultant in this field, applying his expertise to the base metals, coal and minerals industries around the world. In 2000 Dr Kojovic was appointed Manager, Applied Technology and Research at Teck Cominco’s Red Dog Mine, the largest zinc mine in the world. He was responsible for all metallurgical and mechanical engineering, and the development of the technical and operating staff. Upon his return from North America in 2003, Dr Kojovic started his Brisbane based consulting company, SimSAGe Pty Ltd, focusing on process modelling and optimisation, geometallurgy, and development of online process models and soft-sensors for mill process monitoring. Toni is currently working as Research Consultant to the JKMRC, engaged in R&D in comminution and geometallurgical projects. He is the comminution leader in the Amira P843 GeM project and co-developer of the new JKRBT ore breakage testing device. Dr Kojovic is co-author of the JKMRC Comminution Monograph, co-editor of Wills’ Mineral Processing Technology book and has authored more than 60 papers on mineral processing technologies. Toni is a member of the SME, AusIMM, IEAust and IOQ.

PO Box 1102,
Indooroopilly 4068

Tel: +61 (0) 7 3376 0936

Fax: +61 (0) 7 3376 4440

Mobile: +61 (0) 418 793280




Mr Greg Lane

General Manager

Technical Solutions Minerals and Metals

Greg Lane is General Manager Technical Solutions for Ausenco Minerals & Metals. He prepared and presented numerous papers on comminution circuit and concentrator design over the past twenty five years. Many of these papers relate to the selection and efficiency of comminution equipment and associated circuits. He has also completed efficiency and carbon dioxide benchmarking studies for a number of overseas plants. Ausenco has strong Value Cells focussed on Comminution, Concentrators, Hydrometallurgy, Gold Plants and Mineral Sands. Greg’s team at Ausenco includes internationally recognised experts such as Chris Morley (comminution circuit engineering design), Mike Daniel (comminution simulation), Steve La Brooy (refractory gold processing and process chemistry), Eddie McLean (geometallurgy and gold plants), Chris Fountain (pyrometallurgy and mineral sands), Martin Southwood (high pressure process mechanical engineering).


144 Montague Road
South Brisbane
Queensland, 4101 

Tel: +61 7 3169 7221

Mobile: +61 401 02 5 358





Dr Rob McIvor

Chief Metallurgist – Grinding Systems

Rob McIvor has devoted his career to the design and optimization of mineral grinding circuits. He is founder and Chief Metallurgist – Grinding Systems, of Metcom Technologies, Inc., based Marquette, MI, USA. He has a Bachelor’s in Mining Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, and both a Master’s Degree in Mineral Economics and a Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal.

Rob worked in slurry pump, grinding mill and hydrocyclone application engineering, all leading to discovery of the “Functional Performance Equation” for grinding circuits. He subsequently developed a complete engineering system “to measure and improve the performance of plant grinding circuits”, now provided to companies throughout the world, in three languages, through Metcom’s web-based training program.

Rob was also Manager of Research and Development for Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc., where he worked for 10 years before returning to private practice in 2003. In 2010 the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy awarded him the Art MacPherson Medal for “Significant Contributions to Comminution”.

Metcom Technologies, Inc.

1021 W. Baraga Ave., Suite B
Marquette, MI, USA 49855

Tel: 906-273-1300

Fax: 989-669-600




Dr Stephen Morrell

Steve has over 30 years of comminution-related work experience. He started his career in Southern Africa where he ran crushing and grinding circuits for 7 years before joining the JKMRC, where he first studied then worked for a further 13 years. During his time at the JKMRC he became Manager of Comminution Research and lead research programs aimed at modelling and optimising crushers, AG/SAG mills, ball mills, High Pressure Grinding Rolls and stirred mills. He also lead the first AMIRA Mine-to-Mill research program and was also the leader of the AMIRA P9 Mineral Processing research program for 8 years. He has published over 100 papers associated with his comminution research activities.

In 2000 he started his own consultancy, SMCC Pty Ltd, in the fields of comminution circuit design, optimisation and geometallurgy and to date has conducted over 500 associated studies worldwide. In 2003 he developed the SMC Test® and started the company, SMC Testing Pty Ltd, to commercialise it.

Steve holds a BSc (Eng) honours degree from the Royal School of Mines in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters of Engineering degree from the University of Queensland in SAG mill modelling and a PhD, also from the same university, in power draw modelling of tumbling mills.

Tel: +61 (0) 7 3878 4757

Mobile: +61 (0) 412 921 016

Fax: +61 (0) 7 3878 5060



Mr Brian Putland

Brian Putland, Principal Metallurgist and Managing Director of Orway Mineral Consultants (OMC) Australia and Canada respectively, is based in Toronto, Ontario.  With over eighteen years experience in the mineral processing industry, including 13 years at OMC, Brian provides both technical expertise and operational experience to clients worldwide.

OMC has been operating for over 25 years, establishing a reputation for the delivery of high quality studies and engineered solutions in the areas of comminution, beneficiation and hydrometallurgy.  With a primary focus on comminution, OMC was instrumental in the wide acceptance of SAG milling to the Australian mining industry.

Brian specialises in the process design of comminution circuits including Crushing, HPGR, SAG, Ball, Scrubbing, Fine Grinding and Beneficiation.  During his career, Brian has audited and optimised over 100 comminution circuits of varied configurations and sizes.

The OMC team of highly qualified and experienced metallurgists and process engineers includes Directors Fred Kock and Leigh Siddall.  Leigh has over 20 years experience in operations and consulting engineering, including 11 years at OMC.  Fred has over 18 years experience in operations with six years at OMC specialising in comminution circuit design.

OMC has audited and optimised over 150 comminution circuits of varied configurations and sizes, dramatically increasing production rates and improving efficiency.  A database compilation of the projects and ore characterisation testwork provides OMC with a unique asset for designing and optimising circuits throughout the world.

Orway Mineral Consultants (WA) Pty Ltd

Level 4, 1 Adelaide Tce
East Perth WA  6004

Tel: +61 8 6210 5601

Fax:  +61 8 6210 5555

Orway Mineral Consultants Canada Ltd

302 – 5060 Spectrum Way
Mississauga ON
L4W 5N5

Tel: +1 905 206 6300




Mr Paul Staples

General Manager

Paul is currently the GM for Ausenco Minerals and Metals in Canada. Paul has over 20 years of diverse experience in the mining industry including operations, engineering and consulting. Paul has particular expertise in large comminution circuit design and plant optimization and has reviewed and completed designs for major plants across the globe. Along with Greg Lane, Paul leads the Ausenco Comminution Value Cell.

His knowledge and skills base is complemented by his international operating and engineering experience in very diverse countries including Canada, Australia, China, Indonesia, Peru and Chile.

Ausenco: Minerals & Metals

855 Homer Street
BC V6B 2W2

Tel: +1 778 374 6969

Mobile: +1 604 318 5913

Fax: +1 778 374 6998



Mr John Starkey

Principal Consulting Engineer Starkey & Associates Inc.

Education:  Mining Engineer University of Toronto

Main activities: Design SAG/Ball mill grinding circuits; Process Consulting, supervise testwork, design process plants, due diligence reviews for 43-101 technical reports.Achievements: Invention and development of SPI and SAGDesign comminution tests. The latter is patented, open and teachable.Interests: Teaching undergraduates how to design SAG mills circuits. Lectured at 6 Canadian Universities, Colorado (CSM), Helsinki (HUT), Capetown and Irkutsk Technical University.Publications: Six papers in the last two years on SAG mill design explaining the use of SAGDesign technology and the results of benchmark testing.I am accepting your invitation because leadership is required in the comminution industry and I want to be part of that, especially if research is being done to improve comminution technology.
Main activities: Design SAG/Ball mill grinding circuits; Process Consulting, supervise testwork, design process plants, due diligence reviews for 43-101 technical reports.
Achievements: Invention and development of SPI and SAGDesign comminution tests. The latter is patented, open and teachable.
Interests: Teaching undergraduates how to design SAG mills circuits. Lectured at 6 Canadian Universities, Colorado (CSM), Helsinki (HUT), Capetown and Irkutsk Technical University.
Publications: Six papers in the last two years on SAG mill design explaining the use of SAGDesign technology and the results of benchmark testing.

J. Starkey, P.Eng.

212-151 Randall St.,
ON  L6J 1P5

Tel: +1 905 849 6111

Mobile: +1 416 735 7512


Walter Valery BE, MEngSc, PhD

Senior Vice President (Global) – Metso Process Technology & Innovation

Walter is a comminution specialist with extensive R&D and consulting experience in the following areas: greenfield design, expansions, optimisation of drill and blast, crushing and grinding operations, mathematical modelling and simulation, throughput forecasting and geometallurgical modelling.

He has conducted studies to reduce water, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and development of future mining and minerals processing concepts. He has collaborated with Universities and Research Institutes globally and published over 50 papers. He graduated in 1986 from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) in mining and minerals processing engineering. He worked for six years in a major phosphate mining complex in Brazil (Serrana Mineração) in production (plant operation), and in 1990 he was awarded the Young Scientist Award for his M.Eng.Sc. work with the development of a new process to treat and recycle phosphogypsum. From 1993 to 1997 he completed his PhD thesis (A Model For Dynamic and Steady-State Simulation of AG/SAG Mills) with the JKMRC in Australia, where he subsequently worked as a researcher and consultant. By 2001, he managed all Mine to Mill activities at the JKMRC and was awarded the AusIMM Mineral Industry Operating Technique Award for his work on Mine to Mill Optimisation. Walter is currently managing and directing Process Technology and Innovation for Metso. In addition, he is one of the directors of the Australian Minerals Industry Research Association – AMIRA International and a member of the FEI Natural Resources Advisory Board.

Metso Process Technology & Innovation

Tel: +61 7 3623 2961

Mobile: +61 412 006 550